New build (0.0.95e) released

A new version of Atlyss (0.0.95e) has been released. It is a test build with only one map, and it's unstable/unpolished as well. 

Some regressions, notes -

  • Chang and Byrdle race models have not been updated, thus they will not be selectable/properly rendered in this version.
  • Creep AI is unpolished/unfinished, will not get aggro when attacked by a distance.
  • Music and ambience are added, but there is no setting to mute it.
  • Settings menu is unfinished. Some settings will not apply/work.
  • Spells provided will work under any job.
  • Spells are unfinished. They will not deal scaled damage (only fixed) or apply and conditions mentioned in their descriptions.
  • To find out all emotes, type "/emotes" in the chatbox.
  • Several character customization issues/hiccups.
  • Unarmed combat is buggy.


atlyss_v0.0.95e(test build).zip 47 MB
Nov 11, 2021


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Very cool game! I really love the controls and vibe here. :) I know some people are likely disappointed that this won't be a porn game, but I couldn't be happier about the 'ecchi' focus here, as that means I could totally stream/record this for my channel later, since it doesn't go full-on explicit. (Besides, I just kind of prefer this playful level of suggestiveness over outright explicitness in games anyways!)


Doing good! Keep working!

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I tried to write an understandable text... 

Anyway what's the point of banning user for viewing something that he CAN view and not restricted from? Like sfw porn is allowed to view for all ages excluding kids. I'm talking about underages. 

If you think I'm underage cuz of my english - gotta say:

I'm russian and this english level is pretty good for tenn that just in 7th grade. 

Ok back to situation:

This game don't have porn and in discord you said that game got nsfw warning from itch io. 

Well, if it don't and just have style like this what's the point of blocking access to community of game that I am ABLE to view. 

Like banning me from discord is ok for me just cuz I can see you know... Bad things

But what's the point of banning me from itch io community where people mostly should suggest things and talk about bugs? You can't even chat at it. Plus I spent a lot of time for game I just found to create website(, server and failed cuz wine can't run it. 



Just tried the game for the first time. I'm so impressed! I'm in LOVE with how the game is stylized. Definitely gives me those Mega Man Legends feel with some Final Fantasy mixed in. I'm looking forward to this one!


The game feels really good thus far, I am hoping for controller support in menu but it’s really coming far even still in early alpha.

I really like how magic feels in the game, casting, AoEs, they all feel great. Attacks I think are a little more finnicky, what stuns and doesn’t stunlock enemies isn’t exactly clear (Broadsword I often got hit during them getting). The range also is a little hard to handle at first, like you don’t expect the axe slam to go that far. But the axe slam especially feels good once you figure that out cuz of all the i-frames you get and the guaranteed stun. The sword dash I found to be inconcistent in terms of getting to hit (same goes for dagger), and the camera when locked on sometimes refuses to re-lock on.

But other than those comments, only other thing I would like to see is class exclusive moves. It would be cool, for example, if you could access certain moves in the spellbar but at the cost of MP. Like the dash but with the axe, or the slam with sword, or a new attack like… a grapple that spins an enemy around and knocks into other people.

More movement options might be nice? The levels are nog so some kind of mount or sprint that isn’t spamming dash would be useful. Double jumps maybe?

Character customization is coming along really well. It’s an awesome demo.

hola y disculpa por mi idioma XD

la nueva demostración esta genial en muchos aspectos.

 aun así  quisiera informar por algo que puede causar ciertos inconvenientes  bueno sin dar tantos rodeos  el tema es que algunos antivirus están viendo al juego  de mala manera cabe aclarar solo la nueva versión(0.0.95e) si  no estoy mal en virus total  saltaron 4 alarmas(claro son falsos positivos XD )solo para informar ese percance disculpa la molestia.

---una pequeña pregunta antes de despedirme; al descargar un juego la pagina suele preguntar si quieres donar al creador. eso si te ayuda? es que donar por patreon me queda complicado :s por aquí de ves en cuando podría donar algo ya que si bien ando ahorrando para cambiar la portátil (tostadora) que uso de casi 10 años siempre me queda un poco para de ves en cuando comprar algo y  para darte una ayudita por hay  de ves en cuando.

bueno me chao y que tenga un buen día ,tarde o noche  

Hola. Gracias por su interés en el juego. Donar a través de la página sin duda me ayudará mucho si lo consideras. Para el tema de los antivirus, eso es algo que desconozco. Es un juego de Unity.


The short version is that so far, this game is pretty fun and feels good! I'm excited to see how this grows. 

I enjoyed messing around with the character creator, and even with what's available now I felt like I could make some pretty neat and distinct characters. Can't wait to play with the other races. 

The combat feels good! Every hit feels very satisfying, and that applies to the spells too. The progression with weapon levels adds to the satisfaction. 

The UI is pretty good! I would suggest an option to change the size of the map though, it was a little big.

Overall, good stuff! I'm excited to see how this progresses.


Thank you possum for your feedback. There's quite a lot more work that needs to be done, but I'm happy you gave it a try


Atlyss just keeps getting better and better. Played around with the newest version for about an hour in single player mode and everything's feeling great. The spells especially have a good amount of punch to them. Love the new emotes and extra character customization, can't wait to see the other races. The music/ambience fits perfectly with the pace of combat and general atmosphere. Only thing I'll say is the minimap is a little too big for me, and it looks like picking Restart after death is the same as picking Quit, but I know all the UI stuff will continue to be ironed out as time goes on. Awesome work so far!


Heya soda, thank you for pointing that out about the restart button. I completely forgot about that. Thank you so much for trying the build out. c: