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Experimental fast-paced Tribes inspired FPS game. 

Fate of the development for this is entirely unknown.

This is a online multiplayer experience, but you can play the game by yourself by hosting a game without port forwarding.

To host a server and play with friends, you will need to port forward port 7777 on UDP. Hamachi can work with this too otherwise.

Controls -

WASD - Move

Left Shift - Walk/Heavy Fall

Hold Space - Jetpack

Left Mouse Click - Hurt Rocket / Instagib Rail

Right Mouse Click - Push Rocket

F2 - Enter Spectate Mode

Space While in Spectate Mode - Enter Arena


F3 - Load CTF Map

F4 - Load Deathmatch Map

F5 - Enable Rocket Weapon Mode

F6 - Enable Instagib Weapon Mode

known bugs in this prototype -

For clients, the weapon may lock up on either primary or alt fire modes. To fix this, the client will need to re-connect to the host.

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Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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seej_alphaVer0.0.88 (2).zip 31 MB


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We played with slightly higher speed and 0 rocket reload time it was fun lol


Can't figure out how to get my friend connected to my game. I forwarded 7777 with UDP. How do you even troubleshoot this?


Hey there Connorses, if you're using Windows 10, you'll have to check to see if you have the network security checkboxes checked. If not, windows won't allow any connections regardless of the port being forwarded.

To make sure the checkboxes are checked, go to control panel > Network and Internet > View Network and Tasks > Change Adapter Settings > Right click your connected router, properties > sharing tab.  Check the two checkboxes then apply.

If this solution doesn't work, I am going to be releasing this game on Steam within this year that uses the steamworks serversockets, that way you can host a game through there rather than to port forward.


we got it working babyyyyy. my friend says rocket jumps feels good in this game.

We just learned that if you blow up 2 players that are both on a health pack they both get the health from it. Please don't fix this. xD