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A work in progress / under development game made by Kiseff

**The game is still under alpha phase, things are mainly subject to change.**

Core Game Info / What to Expect
*(TBA) - To be applied.

  • "ATLYSS" is a singleplayer / netplay 4-player Rogue-lite action RPG.
  • Play as pleasantly-plump creatures with 5 jobs (wip) to choose from.
  • (TBA) 4 Dungeon tiers to explore.
  • (TBA) Randomized Dungeon layouts, enemy arenas, chests, and loot...
  • character customization options and (TBA) Unlockable outfits...
  • Item-based progression system (Weapons, Rings, (TBA) Spell Scrolls).
  • Late 90's/ early 2000's low poly aesthetics....
  • Suggestively stylized characters...

Plot Blurb

Enter the dream world called Everlost. Created by the consciousness of an Elder Titan, the dream contains wonders of both wrath and lust.
Recently, parasitic nightmare apparitions have taken over the dream, looking to corrupt the mind of the Elder Titan and to spin the universe into their hands.
Three goddesses of Chaos, Law, and Balance entered this realm as part of their duty to maintain this threat for their own benefits, utilizing their creations of three brave races known as the "Puuns, Yeppis and Byrdles".
Despite the goddesses conflicts, they work together in this moment of war within the Elder Titan's dream.

Media / Promotion

If you'd like to support my game-dev work and other assorted projects, you can do so via my Patreon!

For more instant information / updates / development progress, you can:

Follow @kis_soft on Twitter

Join in to the KisSoft Underground Discord server

(Legacy) Control Map

**This control map will be removed soon, it pertains to the older versions of Atlyss.  Some controls in this map will not work in version 0.0.9+.

WASD - Movement  
Spacebar - Jump  
E - Dash  
F - Interact / Pick Up Item 
Hold Left Shift - Face Camera Direction (useful) 
Numkey 1 - Debug Speed buff  
Numkey 9 - Debug Set health to 11. 
*Clientside only, can cause issues if played online.
Left Mouse Trigger / Hold - Attack / Charge Attack 
Right Mouse Trigger - ZTarget Creep (must be facing them via character rotation, will be a refactor in this mechanic in the future) 
Middle Mouse Button - Cancel Charge Attack
Q - Quickswap Weapon   
R - Quickswap Ring
G - Drop Weapon  
T - Drop Ring    
Z - Use Health Potion 
H - Drop Health Potion  
J - Drop Magiq Potion  
K - Drop Fenix Salve  
L - Drop Sigil Key
C - Display Equipped WeaponToolTip  
V - Display Equipped RingToolTip
Escape - Toggle Camera / Window Cursor Focus
B - Extend Chatbox  
N - Hide Chatbox    
F2 - Disconnect from game session

**If you play a Netplay build of the game, the port to forward is 7777. (TCP) 


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atlyss_v0.0.95e(test build).zip 47 MB
atlyss_v0.802(soloPlay).zip 36 MB
Lyss_v0.721(tcp) (4).zip 33 MB

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