Atlyss Development Address Update 5/4/2022

Hello everyone! 

As it may seem somewhat noticeable, Atlyss has been under hiatus for some time now. I've been considering of taking a break from this large-scope project to focus on making smaller projects for the past 5-6 months, so that way I can actually have a game released under my game development experience! I'll get to that later here.

I've spent many years creating large-scope projects that led to either shelving, cancellations, or re-iterations (Atlyss was the victim of the latter, going onto it's 3rd re-iteration). Fortunately, I still have a very big interest and passion to create a RPG of any caliber, so Atlyss is definitely not going anywhere in my development line.

Considering that I am just one person creating this project, I've been taking some time to re-assess some ideas, game design archetypes/plans and find ways to make some sacrifices to them while retaining what I have right now with the game. I'd like to come up with a solution where the roadmap for the game's development will be easier for one person to do, which could result in far more simplifications. No matter how you swing it, RPGS are complex, even ones that are at it's simplest form. 

TL;DR - Atlyss is definitely not cancelled, and it's just under hiatus. I will be coming back to it!

I also want to apologize for the lack of transparency on here in specific about my development and how I've been so quiet about it for so long.

Switching topics for a minute, I do want to say here that I have 2 smaller projects in the works, one being a very small (arcade like pikmin clone) full-on NSFW game, and the other being a highly addictive online multiplayer Arena FPS game, 90+% ready for release on Steam. It's a very exciting time for me since I haven't actually finished a game in over an entire decade.

It'll be a little tough for me to advertise the FPS since it does have some thematic dissonance compared to the works that I usually do. Arena FPS games also tend to be quite niche, moreso than the content I usually create. However, just getting a game finally done is really just the primary goal for me. I'll be releasing the FPS (called SEEJ by the way) on steam for free, which includes a handful of the best maps, and a paid DLC which will unlock all the rest of the content. The release window I have set in mind is for June or July, August or September being the absolute latest.

You can try out a very very early prototype version of SEEJ on my profile just to get a main idea of what it's like, though so much has been improved and changed since then. Hope you guys consider trying it out when it releases on Steam.

Thank you again for supporting me, following my projects, and I hope you have a good rest of your week.



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Thanks for the update, really love this game so far. :)

Is this open source? I really enjoy the foundation you've made and I think it'd be super fun to play around with.


I always look forward to the next update! but no rush! take your time!